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Boxes in a Truck


Planning a move? Expanding or downsizing your home for your family? Need help with organizing your spaces to create a livable, beautiful & functional home for you and your loved one? From attics to pantries, kitchens to playrooms and everything in between, call our Organizing Team at Professional Movers of Charleston!

In addition to our Packing, Moving & Unpacking services, we are pleased to now offer Professional Organizing through PMC. We are here to help you make one of the most important times in your life easier & stress-free.

Let us help you with full service moves from A-Z. We will work with you to edit, categorize, contain and maintain your possessions for your home or office so that everything is accessible and beautiful for your space. In addition, we can also help with consignment, donations, storage units, staging, garages and even organizing your outdoor spaces.

Making your house become a home

Coordinating Junk Removal

Categorizing Your Possessions

Setting Up Consigning

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